As the Scottish supplier for the Danish Triplan Partitioning System, North Group have been able to expand on our portfolio of services to our clients, by allowing us to offer an alternative partitioning system. Alongside our existing services, including our bespoke joinery fabrication workshop, this new partnership will help us provide our clients with a truly flexible approach to any project.

The unique interlinking Triplan partitioning systems offer progressive and aesthetically pleasing concepts, alongside true flexibility, providing our clients with unparalleled design freedom. Having been used in all types of industry from the health sector, to education, to commercial businesses like Carlsberg, Triplan has already proven to cover practically every aspect of today’s flexible and modern workspaces. That is why North Group are excited to supply the Danish Triplan Partitioning System. We are confident that the system will be of great use to our clients moving forward and help to take their design or workspace to the next level.

North Group select who they supply based not just on their quality or how they will integrate into the designs of our clients, but also their values. Triplan pride themselves on their attempts to be more sustainable in the products they offer and the values of the company. With a focus on waste management and reusing components to a high degree, Triplan products offer a more economic approach. North Group are committed to finding the best products for our clients, as well as the environment.

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